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Exploring, Eating And Fighting In The Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark World Guide

Being a fan of Hungry Shark Evolution, I was thrilled at the news of this stunning sequel. What pleased me more is that the best features are retained and improved upon in hungry shark evolution. This game got me hooked to it because while fighting and draining you to the bottom, there’s no energy supply, no life or time constraints. I could play as many times as I wanted, which I did. The Sharks are back and they took me to a whole new paradigm, their own, dangerously beautiful world in the sea.

Being compatible with only Android 4.2 run devices, Jelly Bean or more on the ladder got me to fix my loop first. For the first time, I got to eat everything that came my way to survive. That’s the crux of this gripping game. The 3D graphics and console quality of Hungry Shark World blew me over. You have to collect 19 shark species in as many as seven different dimension tiers. It was stupendous playing with the nimble and fit Hammerhead shark and reign over others with the iconic and chivalrous Great White Shark. Rising up through food chain ranks and leveling up to my jawed pal for biting harder and better got me totally into the game. As I swam faster, the hungrier I became!

hungry shark world

As I dived deeper into the Hungry Shark World, I found some missions motivating short spells of activity. There were others simply thriving by accruing stuff with time till I reached my goal. The number of attempts is no issue here.   I found a plethora of extra loot in the water along with a throng of high-profile enemies that inspire you to toil and get better and bigger. The best aspects of such a predatory and stunningly captivating ocean life remain thoroughly enjoyable. It includes jumping for some elusive and evasive birds and munching on a set of slow swimmers.

Besides additional shark species, the game showcases three maps for exploring. New pets accompanied me on the rampages and it thoroughly fascinating. I downloaded Hungry Shark World as soon it was launched and received a cute little octopus called Kraken as a gift. It really proved to a handy sidekick as the game progressed. I was really intrigued by the myriad accessories with which you can adorn your shark. Strangely enough, I found them typically inspired by the arguably stereotypical and fashionably stagnant Halloween costumes. But, that’s just a side observation. It does give the sharks a pretty makeover.

The noticeable bugs, howsoever trivial they might be can trigger a semi-disappearing shark or jumpy screen. I had to take special care so as not to crash out or bump out of my home screen while completing a great mission. It might frustrate a handful of gamers, but the sheer pace and gripping features of Hungry Shark World kept me trying again. After all, every great streak has to eventually come to an end, and the rare or occasional crash never impeded me from achieving my mission and shark superiority. I am one of those who like my game fast, furious and filled with unabashed blood-feasting. This game gave me that thrill and fodder. The new, gripping features can transport your experience from mere pup to sheer greatness and satisfaction worth the bite.